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East Coast Living

This weekend marks two full months in our new home!  First of all, our apologies for being absent from the blog these last few months as the final efforts went into the house and, of course, the joy of moving.  We were lucky to have a lot of great help from our families, both in … Continue reading

LEED Milestone: Pre-drywall Inspection

Well, we cleared a major milestone on our path toward obtaining our LEED certification, the “Pre-drywall Inspection”.  In the early stages of the design we identified a number of  “green” materials and building techniques we intended to use. An independent third party then uses this list to verify that we have executed the work accordingly.  … Continue reading

Cellulose or Sears Catalogue

When I was in high school my parents renovated our 80 year old farmhouse. During the demolition of the old plaster walls we discovered that old catalogues had been stuffed in the walls for insulation.  It is funny to think that here we are almost 100 years later and we have chosen to use a … Continue reading

CBC Compass – Monday, January 30th, 2012

The Guardian – News Article

There was an article on our home today in the local newspaper, The Guardian! Great to have the interest in our home and to start to share our experience with LEED Certification. Click here to read the full article on The Guardian website. Aaron was also contacted by CBC Compass and did an interview with … Continue reading

The Site and Updates

We’ve had a few requests about location and site pictures, so I’ll start with how it looked when we found it.  Its a panoramic stitched together from the front right corner of the lot. You can find more pictures over at the Photo Gallery.  Just posted a few recent ones – the windows have been … Continue reading

There’s a lot on Upper Hillsborough?

Over the last few years, we have spent a fair amount of time looking at property – rural lots and city lots, urban houses that we considered renovating extensively and old farmhouses with character that deserved to be protected and restored.  In the end, we decided that we moved back to PEI for a reason, … Continue reading

Welcome to 58 Upper Hillsborough

58 Upper Hillsborough is a new residential construction project in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  Home owners, Aaron Stavert and Sheri Lee McKenna have set out to build a modern, energy-efficient and community-minded house in the downtown.  In an effort to demonstrate the business case and accessibility of sustainable design and construction, their home will … Continue reading

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