Aaron Stavert, Home Owner, is also the Principal Architect, RAIC, MArch, and Founder of OpenPractice, Collaborative Architecture in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Open Practice Inc. is a design led firm offering services in community and urban planning, sustainable architecture, and furniture design. Formed in 2008, Open Practice Inc. is an intentionally small studio forming project specific teams on a project-by-project basis. Aaron has developed the firm with the approach that the strength of a collaborative architecture lies in viewing the client  as a key team member throughout the entire design process; including non-traditional partners in the collaborative team; and having access to qualified and well suited resources.

Open Practice fosters working relationships with a network of other design professionals, contractors, consultants, craftspeople, academic institutions, government agencies and financial institutions. With experience both locally and internationally, Open Practice draws upon an extensive range of resources. It is, however, the regional network of any particular project which roots the project in its context. Open Practice is continually building relationships with local resources; people who recognize the inherent characteristics of a place. It is here that opportunities are found to create a regional architecture that is both culturally relevant and sustainable.

Based on this, the opportunity to design the first LEED home in Prince Edward Island for his private home was a great fit, both personally and professionally.  The design was guided by the goal of a sustainable, energy efficient home that takes advantage of the location, site orientation and local expertise.



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