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This weekend marks two full months in our new home!  First of all, our apologies for being absent from the blog these last few months as the final efforts went into the house and, of course, the joy of moving.  We were lucky to have a lot of great help from our families, both in the move and in the many finishing touches and ‘odd jobs’ that we are quickly learning are part and parcel of home ownership.  If any of you are still following along on the blog despite our hiatus, thank you – for your help and for your patience!

So, there is obviously a lot to update from the home construction process, but we wanted to jump in and share the latest news – East Coast Living magazine interviewed Aaron for a great article they were doing on siding called ‘Outside the Box’.  It turns out they used a couple of images of our house as well! Fun to see the house in print and a great read if you’re trying to choose siding.  I know the decision-making process was a big one for us and we couldn’t be happier with the Dogwood Siding solution and the Sansin stains.

Here’s the article if you’d like to have a read.

Outside the Box


To make it even better, our friend Jane Gallant of Modern Jane was profiled as well in the same issue for her ‘painting prowess’ – she’s great so be sure to check out her blog!



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